Saturday, July 19

Xenia Hausner

St. Francis, 2014
Wikipedia - "Xenia Hausner (1951 in Vienna, Austria) is an Austrian artist. ... Hausner mainly focuses in her art work on the depiction of women whose relationship to each other are difficult for the viewer to really fathom. Her style is expressive and the range of her colors is extremely varied. This becomes especially evident in the flesh tones of her protagonists. She turned to painting in 1990 and from there increasingly to graphic works and mixed media, taking large-format photographs, painting them over and incorporating other materials, piecemeal, into her work. Her projects evolve into collages, rising above their original painterly basis. Her themes lead the viewer into a puzzling world of images, enriched with codes and clues about their meaning."
Xenia Hausner
YouTube: xenia hausner

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