Tuesday, November 27

Tom Verlaine

Wikiperia - "Tom Verlaine dated poet and musician Patti Smith when they were both up-and-coming artists in the burgeoning New Yory punk scene. Television released two albums, Marquee Moon and Adverture, to great critical acclaim and modest sales before breaking up in 1978. Verlaine soon released a self-titled solo album that began a fruitful 1980s solo career."
Wikiperia, The Wonder, BC Music, Just The Facts, NPR Music, NPR Music - 1, KCRW

The Chicago Project

David Moenkhaus
"Catherine Edelman Gallery is proud The Chicago Project, an online gallery devoted to new and established photographers in the Chicago area who we feel deserve recognition. We hope this site will expose local talent to a wider audience and plan on adding photographers as we find them."
The Chicago Project

Maggini Quartet

"Formed in 1988, The Maggini Quartet is one of the finest contemporary British string quartets. Renowned for their championship of British repretoire, the Maggini's acclaimed and ongoing contribution to Naxos' British Music Series has seen the Quartet's explore the music of Britten, Walton, Davies, Elgar, and Ireland."
Maggini Quartet

Leaves of Gold

St. Augustine's The City of God: The Building and Destruction of Troy
Philadelphia Museum of Art - "The Gallery: Illuminated manuscripts are hand-produced books that include drawn, painted, and gilded decoration on pages made of vellum, a specially prepared and polished animal skin."
Leaves of Gold

Nancy Rexroth

Library Hats (The House Series), 2002
Weinstein Gallery - "Nancy Rexroth is perhaps best known for her use of the Diana camera. Her photograph made with this cheap toy camera were made famous with the publication of Iowa (1977)." Artists + Nancy Rexroth...
Nancy Rexroth

John Ashbery

Melena Ryzik - "Its hallmarks included notes of surrealism, sarcasm and irony-essential qualities for urban life. He also spent several years living in Europe, principally Paris."

Impressionism: Art and Modernity

Dancers in the Rehearsal Room with a Double Bass, 1882-85. Edgar Degas
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - "The group was unified only by its independence from the official annual Salon, for which a jury of artsts from the Academie des Beaux-Arts selected artworks medals. The independent artists, despite their diverse approaches to painting, appeared to contemporaries as a group."
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Block Prints of the Chinese Revolution

Princeton University Library - "The ephemeral collection of very rare 30 block fall into several categories: some are color prints with a minimum of text, others and black and white illustated sheets, some of which inlude current news, while others have a more general content."
Princeton University

Gustave Dore

Plate 20: I watched the water-snakes

"Gustave Dore was a world famous 19th century illustrator. Although he illustated over 200 book, some with more than 400 plates, he is primarily known for his illustrations to The Divine Comedy, particularty The Inferno, his illustrations to Don Quixote, and Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven."

Land Art

"Land Art, Earthworks or Earth Art is an art movement which emerged in America in the late 1960s and early 1970s, in which landscape and the work of art are inextricably. Sculptures are not placed in the landscape, rather the landscape is the very means of their creation."
Land Art

Philip Glass

"Through his operas, his symphonies, his compositions for his own ensemble, and his wide-ranging collaborations with artists ranging from Twyla Tharp to Allen Ginsberg, Woody Allen to David Bowie, Philip Glass his had an extraordinary and unprecedented impact upon the musical and intellectual life of his times."
Philip Glass

Epact: Scientific Instruments of Medieval and Renaissance Europe

British Museum, London

"Epact is an electronic catalogue of medieval and renaissance scientific instruments from four European museums: the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, Florence, the British Museum, London, and the Museum Boerhaave, Leiden."

Louis Stettner

Sel, Place de Clichy - 1998

"Louis Stettner (1922-) is a celebrated American photographer whose work includes iconic images of Paris and New York. He was born and raised in Brookly, New York but moved to Paris in the 1950s, where he now lives peermanently with his family."
Louis Stettner

Deutschland. 1929

Nahebrucke, Kreuznach

Julian Littlewood - "These pictures were taken from an old coffee-table book of Germany. Other than was no text: only 304 full-page reproduction of black and white photographs with captions in five European languages."
Deutschland, 1929

Patti Smith

MySpace - "Patti Smith, born in Chicago in 1946, the oldest of four siblings, was raised in South Jersey. From an early age gravitated toward the arts and human rights issues. ... She teamed up with art student Robert Mapplethorpe and the two encouraged each other's work process. Both of them pursuing painting and drawing and she poetry."
Patti Smith, MySpace, Minnesota Public Radio, 1, 2, 3, 4

Overview of Italian Painters from 1200 to 1750

Half of the Brigands, Alessandro Magnasco

"This tour provides you an overview of Italian painters active in the period 1200-1750. By selecting a local school from the list at left (or from the map, or or the zoomed map), a list of artists grouped into time-frames of 50 years will appear."
Overview of Italian Painters from 1200 to 1750

Shaun O'Boyle

Bannerman's Isle

"I have always had an interest in archaeology and anthropology. On a whim, after taking a college anthropology course, I took a driving trip to New Mexico to 'join a dig'."
Modern Ruins Photographic Essays

Charles Hobson

"I'm an artist who uses pastel, monotype and other printmaking variation to construct images for books and works on paper. Usually working in series, I often follow a historical theme and employ the monotype as an underpainting for further work with pastel, acrylic and printed texts."
Charles Hobson

Claire Bracher

"London born gambist Claire Bracher, went in 2001 to Bremen Germany, to continue her cello studies with the renowned cellist Alexander Baillie. However, after three months of being there, she discovered the viola da gamha and has not looked back since."
Claire Bracher

Georges Seurat: The Drawings

MoMA - "Once described as 'the most beautiful painter's drawing in existence,' Georges Seurat's mysterious and luminous works on paper played a crucial role in his short, vibrant career."
Georges Seurat

Andy Goldsworthy: Roof

National Gallery of Art - "British artist Andy Goldsworthy, along with his assistant and a team of workers including four dry-stone wallers also from Britain, installed the sculpture entitled Roof on the ground level of the East Building over the winter of 2004/2005."
Andy Goldsworthy

Gertrude Stein

Composition as Explanation - "There is singularly nothing that makes a difference a difference in beginning and in the middle and in ending except that each generation has something different at which they are all looking."
Gertrude Stein, PENNSOUND

Inge Bruggeman

And Angels
"Inge Bruggeman has been making and publishing fine press artist's books under imprint INK-A! Press since 1992. In adddition to the limited edition books and broadsides you will find related art work by Inge including prints, print-objects and other mixed media works."
Inge Bruggeman

The Dark Edge of the North

The prosperous Tornio region
Olaus Magnus's woodcuts as a basic portrait of Lapland myth. "The images and caption of the presetation are from the book Pohjoisten kansojen historia (History of the Northern Peoples) by Bishop Olaus Magnus, the original Latin publication of which was published in 1555 with the related first edition of Carta Marina published in 1539."
Olaus Magnus woodcuts

Form and Pheromone

Indonesia, 11 x 14 inches
"About The Artist: I haven't always loved bugs. Though I spent most of my childhood catching snakes, raising lizards, and dreaming of Komodo Dragons, I was terrified of anything with more than four legs. My phobia became stifling when I began to travel at 19 years old...."
Form and Pheromone

Zena Holloway


"Zena Holloway is the UKs leading professional underwater photographer. Her images are striking, instinctive and driven by a deep understending of his medium. "
Zena Holloway

The Wooden Libary in Alnarp

Xylothek. Friedrich Alexander von Schlumbach and Johann Goller

"The Wooden Library in Alnarp a unique collection of 'books', each part rescribing a certain species or variety of tree or shrub. The collection consists of 217 volumes and was made in Nurnberg in Germany between 1805 and 1810."
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Turkestan Album

Utensils. Domestic metal ware

Prints & Photographs Reading Room - "The Turkestanskii Al'bom ... provides a visual survey of Central Asia from the perspective of the Russian imperial governmment that took control area in the 1850s and 1860s. About 1,200 photographs, with some architectural plans, watercolor drawings, and maps, and arranged in four parts."
Turkestan Album

J.M.W. Turner

The Burning of the House of Lords and Commons, 16th October, 1834, 1835

National Gallery of Art - "Rising from a modest background, J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851) became the leading British artist of his era. Over the course of six decades, he transformed the genre of landscape through works that proclaimed his heir the old masters even while they heralded new and visionary direction in 19th-century painting."
J.M.W. Turner

Mouneer Al-Shaarani

"... Contributed a number of artiles as an art critic, and others on Arab Islamic art. Participated as an artistic consultant for the international Arab Encyclopedia and contributor a written piece on Arabic hand writing, Arabic calligraphy and the most eminent Arabic calligraphres."
Mouneer Al-Shaarani

Maureen Fleming

"Maureen Fleming's nude body yield all of its aspects in a series of movements and contortions, telling the story of a universal being, beyond human. Pleasure, pain, ecstasy, and love are not present as feelings or emotions: they are the states of a body, alive, vibrant and pulsating." L'Echo, France
Maureen Fleming

Overview of European Sculptors 1200-1800

Visitation Group

"1201-1250: The period of transition from Romanesque to Gothic art, initiated in France. Almost no biographical material exists concerning the names and works of individual artists. Sculptures served as elements of the architecture. ... 1251-1300: The European Gothic style emerged by about 1250. The pre-eminent cultural centre was Paris, mainly due to the French royal patronage." 1301-1800...
Overview of European Sculptors

Zone Tour: DataBase of Urban Exploration

Lanso, 1998

"What is urban exploration? ... a way of seeing the city by its hidden and often functional side."

Camille Seaman

"The Last Iceberg is one piece of a larger project entitled 'Melting Away' which documents the polar regions of our planet, their environments, life forms, history of human exploration and the communities that work and live there."
Camille Seaman

Mary Heebner

Scratching: A Visit to Lascaux & Rouffignac

"I find that an intense experience in a natural -- the smells, feel, touch and cultural memory -- imbue the place with a sacredness that demands something of me."
Mary Heebner

Storm King Art Center

Louise Nevelson. City on the High Mountain, 1983

"The focus of Storm Art Center's distinguished permanent collection of American and European modern sculpture is on large abstract welded steel works from the 1960's to the present, although figurative works are also on view."
Storm King Art Center


Discographies and refrences. Center-Start 78s. Spindle holes. Neophone. Bluebird research. Early Victor home recordings...
The 78rpm Record Home Page

Juan Sanchez Pelaez

Guillermo Parra - "As I continue to translate Juan Sanchez Pelaez into English, I keep Varese's Rimbaud in mind. I also think of Rimbaud through the filter of the Venezuelan poet, how his reading of Une Saison en Enfer and Les Illuminations in Caracas and Santiago in the 1940s might relate to or diverge from my own in Tampa in the early 1990s."
Juan Sanchez Pelaez, Guillermo Parra

Joseph Cornell

Untitled (Tilly Losch), 1935-38

Joseph Cornell: Navigating the Imagination - "Joseph Cornell is one of America's most innovative modern artists, known for his distinctive box sculptures, collages and evperimental films that continue to influence many artists, writers, poets, filmmakers and designers."
Joseph Cornell: Navigating The Imagination, Joseph Cornell. Shadowplay ... Eterniday

Arcadia & Anarchy

Angelo Morbelli, For Eighty Cents!, 1895.

Guggenheim Museum - "The Italian Divisionists - so called for the painting technique they employed, namely the 'division' of color via individualized brushstrokes - were active in Italy during the 1890s and early 1900s." Vivien Greene, Associate Curator.


Castle of Hunaudaye

Penetrate in the universe of the castles and the French patrimony. "This site is dedicated to all fans of castles, of patrimony and vesties. New sites and articles will be at your disposal according the evolution of our researches."

Monday, November 26

Jack Spicer

3o January, 1925 - 17 August, 1965. The Collected Books of Jack Spicer, "The Practice of Outside", an essay by Robin Blaser - "At first this was short and simple - about Jack. But that became a reduction which every twist and turn of the work denied - a biography without the world poet earned or a split between the man and the work which drank him up and left him behind."

Alexander Palace Time Machine

The Home of the Last Tsar: Romanov and Russian History - "The Time Machine is the world's most popular website for Russian and Romanov history with more than a million visitors each month. - Bob Atchison."
Alexander Palace Time Machine

The Changing Face of Childhood

Dulwich Picture Gallery - "The writing of John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau and painters such as Gainsborough and Thomas Lawrence, changed the perception of childhood forever. They were portrayed as individuals in their own right and not just little grown-ups. These videos, presented by Ian Dejardin, Director of Dulwich Picture Gallery, chart the change in portraiture of children during this important time in history."
British Children's portraits and their influence in Europe

Sunday, November 25

Alek Lindus

no 6

SplashHalls Painted Poet Art Gallery. Photographs by Artist Photographer Alek Lindus from the shoreline of Greece.

Daniel Essig

Sculptural Books. "Daniel Essig creates wooden covered art books and book based sculptures. Using a fourth-century binding style known as Ethiopian style Coptic, he creates mixed-media book structures that incorporate unusural woods, handmade paper, found objects, fossils, and mica."
Daniel Essig

Saturday, November 24

Heinrich Harder 1858-1935

Great Auk

"The Wonderful Paleo Art of Heinrich Harder - There are not many public details of Harder's life to find. Searching the intenet and public libraries will bring just a few bits. Using the references below, here is what I've been able to sketch out."

William Bailey

Migianella Still Life with Pitcher

"It took time - too much time - for the magnitude of Diebenkorn's achievement to be fully recognized in New York. For entirely figurative artists, of course, it was harder still."
The Artchive

Cara Barer: Photgrapher


Cara Barer - "I arrive at some of my images by chance. Others, through experimentation. Without these two elements, my work would not flow easily from one idea to the next. "
Cara Barer

Friday, November 23

Alexandra Boulat

VII Photo. Modest: Women in Middle East, Alexandra Boulat. "A compilation of work throughout an incredible career that features an unprecedented look at the lives of women in the Middle East."

South America, 1600-1800 A.D.

Kero Caved in the Form of a Head, 17th-18th century

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - woven textiles, keros, missionary activities, Manila Galleons, sculpture, Rococo fashions recently arrived from Europe.
Peruvian, Lima, Cuaco, Andean, Inka...

Veronika Kellndorfer

Christopher Grimes Gallery - "Kellndorfer began her studies in Vienna and continued them at the Hochschule de Kunste in Berlin from 1984 to 1990. Originally through painting and then through photography, she has been concerned with the ephemeral nature of architecture and space."
Veronika Kellndorfer

Tuesday, November 20


Angel, St. Michele

"Burza-snieta.... Il Cimitero Monumentale, Verone. St. Michele, Venice. Pere-Lachise Cemetery. Cemeterie. Angels. Kensal Green. The Russian Cemetery. Crossbones Burial Ground."

1900 Paris Exhibition

"Paris Photo Collection - This is a collection of approximately 200 fantastic antique photographs of Paris at the turn of the century, the vast majority taken at the 1900 Paris exposition universelle, world fair."


Eleni Karaindrou, Zbigniew Preisner, Arvo Part, David Darling, Astor Piazzolla, Erkan Ogur, Anouar Brahem Brahem, Jan Garbarek, John Surman, Dino Saluzzi, John Tavener.
Contemporary Composers


Ahmed Abdalla

"For this show, twelve New England artists/artist teams have been invited to create new works installation art - miniature worlds traversed and connected by a fully operational O-scale model railroad! The fourteen emerging and rose to this challenge have produced a spectacular array of fully-imagined world that involve a wide range of issues, including history, poetry, philosophy, geography, abstraction, figuration, scale, architecture, and humor."


Mariano Otero

Tango 1900, Old Buenos Aires, Sandra Sue, Carlos Gardel, Crsitina Bergoglio, Tango al Norte, Women dancing together, Caminito tango temple, The 1920s, Ana Portnoy, Mariano Otero, Saura's Tango...
Exhibitions, El Tango

An Inconvenient Truth

"Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced."
An Inconvenient Truth

Robert Smithson

Photographed by George Steinmetz, September 2002

"His complex ideas took root in many forms: drawings, projects and proposals, sculpture, earthworks, films and critical. Smithson's provocative and seminal works, made in the mid-sixties to early seventies, redefined the language of sculpture."
Robert Smithson


"Welcome to the new website of A HUMUMENT, the renowned illustred book by Britsh artist Tom Phillips. ... A HUMUMENT is eternally a work in progress. Tom Phillips started his treatment of W.H. Mallock's Victorian novel in the mid sixties and an initial complete version was privately published by the Tetrad Press in 1970."
Tom Phillips

Librophiliac Love Letter...

Curious Expeditions - "Everyone has some kind of place that makes them feel transported to a magical realm. For some people it's castles with their noble history and crumbling towers. For others it's abandoned factories, ivy choked, a sense of foreboding around every corner."
Curious Expeditions, Prague

Yapruder's photos

"Electric shaver case thumb piano with street sweeper bristle tines. Piezo and 1/4" jack."

Sunday, November 18

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

"Running Fence, 5.5 meters (eighteen feet) high, 40 kilometers (twenty-four and half miles) long, extending East-West near Freeway 101, north of San Francisco, on the private properties of fifty-nine ranchers, following rolling hills and dropping down to the Pacific Ocean at Bodega Bay, was completed on September 10, 1976."
Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Vito Drago

SW4 OHY, 2002
"Vito Drago is an Italian-born artist who studied firstly in Milan and then at Central St. Martin's School of Art, London. His work reflects his obsession with the materiality of books."