Wednesday, April 30

Thierry de Mey, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

"Thierry De Mey, born in 1956, is a composer and filmmaker. ... He has often been more than a composer for the choreographers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Wim Vandekeybus and his sister Michele Anne De Mey, offering his precious collaboration in the invention of 'formal strategies' - to use a favourite expression of his." Hannah Dennison.
One Flat Thing, reproduced, Wikipedia, Walker Art Center, Rosas, Jessica Rychewaert Table Music by Thierry De Mey

Gertrude Kasebier

The Clarence White Family "Sunshine in the House", 1913
Lee Gallery - "Gertrude Kasebier, while studying painting in her late thirties, shifted her interests to photography. With a minimum of professional training, she decided to become a portrait photographer and opened a studio in 1897."
Lee Gallery, Charles Isaacs Photographs Inc.

Tuesday, April 29


Wikipedia - "Selenography is the study of the surface and physical features of the Moon. Historically, the principal concern of selenographists was the mapping and naming of the lunar maria, craters, mountain ranges, and other various features." BibliOdyssey.
Selenography, Linda Hall: Johann Leonard Rost

Monday, April 28

Jordan Wolfson

Still Life with Flowers II, 2008
"My painting occurs in relation to presence - the presence in a room, in between things, in open spen space, in light."
Jordan Wolfsom

Alexey Titarenko

"Alexey Titarnko was born in St. Petersburg in 1962. Since 2005 he has lived and worked in both his beloved native city and in New York."
Alexey Titarenko

Elena Kalis

"Living with my family in a small island community in The Bahamas, life strongly influenced by the flow of nature and a freedom of the senses."
Elena Kalis, PBase

Sunday, April 27

Kamil Vojnar

"Presented here is selection from my recent wotk. It's photographs, printed on thin Japanese paper, mounted to canvas or printed on heavy Epson, Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper, painted on lightly with oils and varnished and wax."
Kamil Vojnar, Photo Arts

Cosmic Collisions Galore

Hubble Site - "Astronomy textbooks typically present galaxies as staid, solitary, and majestic island worlds of glittering stars."
Hubble Site


Edwin Armstrong
"A word about dates. When known, the earliest applicable date is shown. This is usually the date of introduction, announcement, or when the camera first appeareed at one of the various technical shows."

Saturday, April 26

Tim Mitchard

"These are the Sea Forts, that were used to defend London in World War Two. They are off the North Kent coast in the Thames Estuary."
flickr, The Utatan

Friday, April 25

'Charlie Rose' by Samuel Beckett

Andrew Filippone Jr. - "Something has happened to PBS favorite 'Charlie Rose'. The erudite conersations and sober intellectualism have been replaced by an absurd world where illogic, inane dialogues, and open hostility rule."

Thursday, April 24

The Lighthouse Directory

"The Lighthouse Directory is research and study concerning lighthouses and efforts to preserve those lighthouses."
University of North Carolina

Eduardo Paolozzi

See Them? A Baby's Life is not all Sunshine, 1972
The Independent Group - "His particular perspective was influenced by his childhood experiences of technology and the populer. Growing up above his parents' ice-cream shop and experiencing the culture of the street and the cinema."
The Independent Group, Flowers, artnet

Kenward Elmslie

Wikipedia - "Kenward Gray Elmslie (born April 27, 1929) is an American writer, performer, editor and publisher associated with the New York School of poetry."
Kenward Elmslie, PENNSOUND, Jacket #7, Wikipedia

Tuesday, April 22

Lou Reed

Plazza Della Repubblica
Wikipedia - "Lou Reed (born March 2, 1942) is an influential American rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. He first came to prominence as the guitarist and principal singer-songwriter of The Velvet Underground (1965-1973)."
Wikipedia, (1), Lou Reed, Rolling Stone, (1), YouTube, Video results

Katherine Gulla

hyde park - "Natural and artificial light causes an ever-changing array of shadows and reflections. These images are part of our environment."
hyde park, Gallery Kayafas, Danforth Museum of Art

Robert Gardner: Borroro male beauty

"August 23rd 1978 - We stopped momentarily this aftenoon to discuss in which direction to go. We were trying to find the camp of a man who is presently accompanying us."
Luminous Lint

Monday, April 21

Luis Gonzalez Palma

No Querla Hablar de esos Anos
"In Guatemata, Luis Gonzalez Palma (born 1957, Guatemala) studied archition, painting, and cinematography, in addition to photography."
Throckmorton Fine Art, Lisa Sette Gallery, Light and darkness...

Hugo Bastidas

Las Madonnas, 1996
"The approach behind the artwork is firstly visual and secondly conceptual. I apply paint to the surfacewith quick even short strokes that build and amonunt to the image."
Hugo Xavier Bastidas, Boreas, artnet

Sunday, April 20

Pere Ubu

Wikipedia - "Pere Ubu are a rock music group formed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1975. ... The group is named after Pere Ubu ('father Ubu') , the protagonist of Ubu Roi ('Ubu, the King'), a play by Frenchman Alfred Jarry."
Wikipedia, Pere Ubu Biography, Trouser Press, Pere Ubu's Avant Garage Online, YouTube

Saturday, April 19

Lidwien van de Ven

Documenta/Kassel - "The artist presents her monumental photography as digitally printed posters mounted directly onot the gallery walls."
Documenta/Kassel, 1

Peter Henry Emerson

Wikipedia - "Peter Henry Emerson (1856-1936) was a Cuban-born photographer. His photographs are early examples of promoting photography as an art form. He is known for taking photographs that displayed natural settings."
Wikipedia, Science & Society

Friday, April 18

Robert Wilson

Wikipedia - "Robert Wilson (born 4 October 1941) is an internationally acclaimed American avant-garde stage directon and playwright who has been called '[America]'s - or even the world's - foremost vanguart theater artist'. Over the course of his wide-ranging career, he has also worked as a choreographer, performer, painter, sculptor, video artist, and sound and lighting designer."
Wikipedia, Robert Wilson, Design Museum, Red Planet, MASS MoCA, NYT, YouTube, 1

The Notebook of William Blake

"William Blake is famous today as an imaginative and original poet, painter, engraver, and mystic. But his work, especially his poetry, was largely ignored during his own lifetime, and took many years to gain widespread appreciation."
British Library

Thursday, April 17

Aneta Grzeszykowska & Jan Smaga

"Over the course of two years, Aneta Grzeszykowska and Jan Smaga created series of ten highly unusual photographic prints: each piece documents the entirety of an apeatment, including its occupants, from a normally unavailable perspective - from above."
Robert Mann Gallery

Frank Gohlke

"The windows of our hilltop apartment gave onto a comprehensive view of the Midway, a mile-long stretch of grain elevators and railroad tracks on the boundary between the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul."
Frank Gohlke

Wednesday, April 16

Richard Estes

"Richard Estes (born May 14, 1932 in Kewanee, Illinois) is an American painter who is best known for his photorealistic paintings. The paintings generally consist of reflective, clean, and inanimate city and geometric landscapes."
Wikipedia, Galeria artelibre

The Japanese Garden

"We have added a large new section on the individual elements of a Japanese garden, and have updated the bibliography and the section on internet links."
Bowdoin College

Tuesday, April 15

Michael Nyman

Wikipedia - "Michael Laurence Nyman (born March 23, 1944, London) is an English composer of minimalist music, pianist, librettist and musicologist, perhaps best known for the many scores he wrote during his lengthy collaboration with the filmmaker Peter Greenaway."
Wikipedia, Michael Nyman, Stage & Screen Online, Video results

Tim Porter

Kyu Furukawa Teien - January 21, 2006
"A paradise in an urban tangle of overhead wires, grey buildings and sullen commuters, the gardens of Tokyo are a tangible, organic connection with Japan's rich and fabled past."
Tim Porter

Neo Kekkonen

"As long as I can remember, I've been interested in expessing myself. Currently my means of doing that are electronic music and photography, with occasional forays into video and some other things."
28 Hours in Jyvaskyla, YouTube

Monday, April 14

Jane Hammond

Fallen, 2004
"The leaves in Fallen have been made by the artist, they are not real leaves. They are based on leaves gathered in the Autumns of 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Washington, California and Hawaii."
Jane Hammond, Wikipedia

Wendell Berry

Wikipedia - "Wendell Berry (born August 5, 1934, Henry County, Kentucky) is an American man of lettres, academic, cultural and economic critic, and farmer. He is a prolific author of novels, short stories, poems, and essays."
Wikipedia, Academy of American Poets, CROSSCURRENTS: "Feminism, the Body, and the Machine", Sierra Club: "For Love of the Land", Mr. Wendell Berry of Kentucky

Sunday, April 13


The Metropolitan Opera - "Philip Glass's landmark 1980 work, set to text from the ancient Sanskrit scripture Bhagavad Gita, is a moving account of Mahatma Gandhi's formative experiences in South Africa, which transformed him into a great leader."
Met Opera, Classical 90.5, Philip Glass, New York Times

Saturday, April 12

Kathryn Frund

Radical Acts
"My paintings and assemblages address the relationship between man and the environment through the use of symbolic landscapes."
Chase Gallery

Old Photos of Japan

Yokohama 1910s
"Old Photos of Japan shows photos Japan between the 1860s and 1930s. In 1854, Japan opened its doors to the outside world for the first time in more than 200 years."
Old Photos of Japan

Peter Beard

Elephants Memory, 1972/2008
"The beautiful play period has come to an end. Millions of years of evolutionary processes have been destroyed in the blink of an eye."
Peter Beard

Friday, April 11


Rolling Stone - "Once the venue lockdown was complete, a packed house witnessed firsthand the end result of man-maching morphing."
Kraftwerk, Rolling Stone, MySpace, YouTube, 1, 2, 3

Thursday, April 10

Pauline Oliveros

Wikipedia - "Pauline Oliveros (born May 30, 1932 in Houston, Texas) is an accordionist and composer who currently in Kingston, New York. Her instrument is tuned in just intonation and she often includes it in her meditative improvisational music."
Wikipedia, Deep Listening, Kalvos Damian, New Albion

Guy Tillim

Democratic Republic of Congo, Dec 2002 - Jan 2003
"Tillim was born in Johannesburg in 1962. He started photographing professionally in 1985 and joined Afrapix, a collective of South African photographers with whom he worked closely until 1990."
Michael Stevenson, ARTTHROB, Daimier Art Collection

World Treasures of the LOC

The Burmese Buddhist World
"In Buddhist cosmology, deriving from Indian origins, the world is viewed as a system of of continents and oceans, either in rings (as in the center here) or floating detached in the ocean."
The Library of Congress

Wednesday, April 9

Tseng Kwong Chi

"A comprehensive survey Tseng's pioneering series of self portraits, this exhibition will feature over 90 large-scale, black-and-white photographs, some of which will be on view for the first time."
Paul Kasmin Gallery

Atul Dodiya

Mirage (full closed view), 2002
Documenta/Kassel - "The watercolours in this series are immense. It is almost as if they articulated a genre of their own. In the humid air of India, where they were painted, they dry only slowly."
Saffron Art, 1, Chemould, Faces Of India

Tuesday, April 8

Tula Telfair

There is Rarely Pleasure Without Seduction, or Seduction Without Illusion
"Forum gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Located at the Edge of a Momentary Convergence: New Landscape Paintings."
Tula Telfair

Explore the Collection

Africans Thrown Overboard from a Slave Ship, Brazil, ca. 1830s
"The images are arranged in eighteen categories. These categories serve as rough guides to the collection, but the categories are not mutually exclusive."

Monday, April 7

Frida Kahlo

Wikipedia - "Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907 - July 13, 1954) was a Mexican painter, who has achieved great international popularity. She painted using vibrant colors in a style that was influenced by indigenous cultures of Mexico as well as by European influences that inlude Realism, Symbolism, and Surrealism."
Wikipedia, Buch, PBS, Frida Kahlo, ArtCyclopedia

Michael Eastman

Courtyard, Barcelona
Linda Durham Contemporary Art - "Over the past thirty years, Michael Eastman has produced a body of fine-art photography on subjects ranging from European architecture to Midwestern storefronts."
Linda Durham

Vaclav Pajkrt

CGSociety - "Vaclav Pajkrt said this week he was humbled and surprised after hearing of the success of has image in this inaugural NVArt contest."
CGSocety, P:0/site

Sunday, April 6

Felix Feneon

Wikipeda - "Felix Feneon (June 22, 1861 - February 29, 1944) was a French anarchist and art critic in Paris during the late 1800s."
Olga's Gallery, New York Review of Books, The Anarchist Encyclopedia, London Review, Wikipedia, The Sienese Shredder

Clayton Eshleman

"They moved there in the spring of 1962 and remained Kyoto until the fall of 1964. While in Kyoto, Eshleman began his apprenticeship to poetry: a translation of the 110 poems that Vallejo wrote in Paris between 1923 and 1938."
Clayton Eshleman, Wikipedia, epc, PENNSOUND

Saturday, April 5

Georges Adeagbo

Synchronizing Archaeology - "Through his unique installations, Georges Adeagbo is able to investigate the mysteries underlying evolution and destiny of a person, a cite or a country."
Georges Adeagbo, Galerie im Taxspalalis, Caac Art, Frittelli Arte Contemporanea