Saturday, December 27

Three Belgian Autochromists

Woman and girl by a brook - c. 1910. Corbet.
"The subject of these lectures focused on the autochromes of Charles Corbet, Paul Sano and Alfonse Van Besten."
Three Belgian Autochromists

UBU: Pina Bausch

Directed by Anna Linsel, Germany, 2006. "Before choreographer Pina Bausch and her Tanz-theater Wuppertal were known around the world, her new, unusual and body language ill-received." Germany...

Friday, December 26

Henry Cowell

Wikipedia - "Henry Cowell (March 11, 1897 - December 10, 1965) was an American composer, musical theorist, pianist, teacher, publisher, and impresario."
Wikipedia, Subversive Prophet: Henry Cowell as Theorist and Critic, University Libraries Music Library

Protecting the Word: Bookbidings of the Morgan

Roger Bartlett Mosaic Binding
"Begun energetically by Pierpont Morgan himself before the turn of the twentieth century, the collection has grown to over 1,000 volumes."
The Morgan Library & Museum

White Nights: Russia After the Gulag

"Two years later, the Bolsheviks sentenced 70,000 men, women and children to corrective Labour Camps, as they were now called."
Donald Weber

Thursday, December 25

The Flatiron Building

"Designed by the Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, known for his skyscraper, this steel-framed terra-cotta and stone-clad skyscaper represents this developers' first (and ultimately unsuccessful) attempt to create a new business center north of Wall Street."
New York Architecture

Christmas under Fire (1941)

"All of the fims available to view here are from the BFI National Archive - the world's largest and most diverse film and TV archive."

Clare Leighton

Loading, 1931
Wikipedia - "Clare Veronica Hope Leighton (1899-1989) was an English/American artist, writer and illustrator, best known for her wood engravings."
Wikipedia, Artwork, Paramour Fine Arts

Liza Lou

"Liza Lou is an art whose work combines visonary, conceptual, traditional and vernacular approaches to create a new kind of scuptural experience."

Wednesday, December 24

Florin Ion Firimita

The Summer You Turned Into a Butterfly
"The journeys are soul searching. I never view a piece of art by Florin and walk away unchanged. I've had a conversation. We've exchanged important ideas. His works of art make me think more carefully about the work of living."

Alex Kanevsky

"The life cycle of a wave is measured in seconds, and because of that each painting is not an image of a particular wave, but a cumulative image of waves observed over several days in various conditions."
Alex Kanevsky

Otis Redding

Wikipedia - "...synonymous with the term soul, music that arose out of the blues experience in America through the transmutation of gospel and rhythm and blues into a form of funky, secular testifying."
Wikipedia, Google, Otis Redding, YouTube, (1), (2), (3)

Tuesday, December 23

ICE: A Victorian Romance

William Hulme Hooper, The Months among the Tants of the Tuski, 1853
"In 1818, the British began infatuation with the Arctic. It started innocently enough, with the Admiralty trying to find an outlet for naval officers and seamen who had been idled by the end of the Napoleonic wars."
A Victorian Romance

Runa Islam

White Cube - "Runa Islam makes film and video installations that use overlapping layers of narrative to explore notions to truth and fiction, subjectivity and authorship."
White Cube, Tate, Wikipedia

William S. Burroughs's "The Junky's Christmas"

Guardian - "Wading through the sentimental seasonal schlock online, we fell on this moody, gritty little yuletide masterpiece for blessed relief."
Guardian - (1), (2)

Monday, December 22

Digital Snow Museum

Central Park, New York City, February 21, 1929.
Digital Snow Museum

Bernadette Mayer

Wikipedia - "Bernadette Mayer (born May 12, 1945) in Brooklyn, New York, United States) is a poet and prose writer."

Art and Love in Renaissance Italy

Botticelli, The Banquet in the Pinewoods
Met Museum - "This exhibition explores the various exceptional objects creates to celebrate love and marriage in the Italian Renaissance."
Art and Love in Renaissance Italy

Sunday, December 21

Silent Night

Wikipedia - "Silent Night (Stille Night, heilige Nacht) is a popular Christmas carol."
Wikipedia, another 120 languages, English (Sinead O'Connor), German, Irish (Enya), Arapaho (Jana Mashonnee), Russian, Norwegian, Spanish (Gloria Estefan). Simon & Garfunkel, Bing Crosby, Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash and Friends, Tammy Wynette, Cats. Merry Xmas ... twoleftfeet.

Six Degrees of Barack Obama

TIME - "Though he never appeared in Footloose, Barack Obama does have connections to every one of his Person of the Year predecessors, from initial Charles Lindbergh (1927) to inanimats like the Personal Compoter (1982) and the Earth (1988)."
TIME, Wikipedia, Cafe Press

Robert Bresson

Wikipedia - "Robert Bresson .. (September 25, 1901 - December 18, 1999) was a French film diretor known for his spiritual, ascetic style."
Wikiipedia, Robert Bresson, senses of cinema

Saturday, December 20

Theo Ellsworth

"Theo Ellsworth is a self-taught artist living in Portland, Oregon. He writes and draws comics, makes art zings, draws constantly, and on occasion, teaches workshops."
Art Capacity

Year by Year 1930-1931

James Van Der Zee (1886-1983), Evening Attire
"After World War I, architects in Europe and the US were full of new ideas. They now thought of buildings not only only as prototypes for the future of architecture but also as an integral part of their surroundings, whether rural, suburban, or urban."
Art of the 20th Century


Wooster Collective - cabaio/stencitsysem

Friday, December 19

Man Ray

Spanish Hands
Wikipedia - "Perhaps best described simply as a modernist, he was a significant to both the Dada and Surrealist movements, although his ties to each were informal."
Wikipedia, artnet, Art Minimal & Conceptual Only, PBS

Art and China's Revolution

Asia Society - "The exhibition brings together large-scale oil paintings, ink paintings, sculptures, drawings and artist sketchbooks, woodblock prints, posters, and objects from everyday life, many never before shown in the United States."
Art and China's Revolution, The Brooklyn Rail

Auguste Rodin

The Kiss
Wikipedia - "Auguste Rodin (born Francois-Auguste-Rene Rodin; 12 November 1840- 17 November 1917) was a French artist, most famous as a sculptor. He was the preeminent French sculptor of his time, and remains one of the few sculptors widely recognized outside the visual arts community."
Wikipedia, Rodin, Rodin Museum