Sunday, July 6

Fred Tomaselli: The Times

"Drawing upon art historical sources and Eastern and Western decorative traditions, Fred Tomaselli's works explode in mesmerizing patterns that appear to grow organically across his compositions. In the introduction to a 2003 essay on Tomaselli’s work in Parkett magazine, curator James Rondeau writes: 'Over the course of the last ten years, Fred Tomaselli has established an international reputation for his meticulously crafted, richly detailed, deliriously beautiful works of both abstract and figurative art. His signature pieces are compelling, hybrid objects: ersatz, or maybe surrogate paintings, or tapestries, or quilts or mosaics. Their various components—both over-the-counter and controlled pharmaceuticals, street drugs, natural psychotropic substances and other organic matter, collaged elements from printed sources, and hand-painted ornament—are all suspended in gleaming layers of clear, polished, hard resin.'”
James Cohan (Video)
amazon: Fred Tomaselli: The Times
Fred Tomaselli Is Off Drugs
VIDEO: The NY Times Reinterpreted by Fred Tomaselli at James Cohan

2010 February: For Tapestry, One More Renaissance, 2010 November: Pills and Thrills: Fred Tomaselli’s Transports.

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