Monday, June 30

The Slits

"...choppy guitar chord on maximum fuzz (and always ever-so-slightly off-key) scratched through the racket at irregular intervals like jagged shards of cut glass and undulating over the whole live, solid mass came Ari's signature wobbly, screeching wails and yelps."
The Slits, Wikipedia, YouTube, (1), (2)

Carrie Mae Weems

All That Passes Before You, from the series Roaming, 2006
Wikpedia - "Carrie Mae Weems (born 1953) is an award winning photopher and artist. Her photophs, films, and videos have been displayed in over 50 exhibitions in the United States and abroad and focus on serious issues that face African Americans today, such as racism, gender relations, politics, and personal identity."
Wikipedia, PPOW, Jack Shainman Gallery

Sunday, June 29

Helen Mirra

Orange Boulder Lichen, 2007
"Helen Mirra's work occurs in varied scrap media. It is often referred to as poetic, and indeed Mirra engages is as much in the in metrical as in the lyrical."
Helen Mirra, Peter Freeman, Video Data Bank

Saturday, June 28

Lucinda Childs

Wikipedia - "Childs is most famous for being able to turn the slightest movements into an intricate chorographic mastrepiece. Her use of pattrens, repetition, and dialect has caused her to have a unique style of choreography that is often imitated for its ability to experiment."
Wikipedia, Lucinda Childa, The Dance Insider, Robert Wilson, YouTube, (1)

Massimo Vitali

lens culture - "The images are crowded and dense and rich with banal detail. Large masses of people congregate closely together - trying to relax or play - while wedged between the sea and man-made industrial urban landscapes."
lens culture, Bill Charles Represents, artnet

Friday, June 27

Big Mama Thornton

Wikipedia - "Willie Mae ('Big Mama') Thornton (December 11, 1926 - July 25, 1984) was an American Texas blues, rhythm and blues (R&B) singer, and songwriter. She was the first to record the hit song 'Hound Dog' in 1952."
Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, (1)

Thursday, June 26

Euro 2008

NYT - "The continent's quadrennial soccer championship, hosted this year by Switzerland and Austria, ends on Sunday here."

Antony Gormley

"Over the last 25 years Antony Gormley has revitalised the human image in sculpture through a radical investigation of the body as a place of memory and transformation, using his own body subject, tool and material."
Antony Gormley, Wikipedia, IAIRP, YouTube

Wednesday, June 25

Elger Esser

Donald Goddard - "Most of the places are along shores or rivers. Usually the horizon is straight and rather low, as in Dutch landscape paintings of the 17th century. Some are of towns, particularly old Italian hill towns."
New Yokk Art World, elger esser, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac


"15 (More) Amazing Tree Houses from Around the World: Unusual, Ecological and Inspired Designs - Amazing tree houses aren't just for children anymore - in fact, some are so well mede and carefully detailed, they rival most people's homes."
WebUrbanist, (1)

Sunday, June 22

Greg Girard

"Beginning in 1998, Girard's extensive investigation into the accelerated metamorphosis of Shanghai looks at a historical city that will not withstand China's drive for economical developmant."

Philippe Jaccottet

Bloodaxe Books - "Born in Switzerland in 1925, Philippe Jaccottet is one of the most prominent figures of the immediate post-war generation of French poets."
Bloodaxe Books, Wikipedia, Judith Bishop, KB,

Carol Marino

Storm in the Retreat
"In reaction to the industrial landscape of Pittsburgh, where she grew up, Marino responds to her present, comparatively untouched environment with a certain instinctive attachmant to it."
Corkin Gallery

Philip Johnson

Wikipedia - "Philip Cortelyou Johnsom (July 8, 1906 - January 25, 2005) was an influential American architect. With his thick, round-framed glasses, Johnson was the most recognizable figure in American architecture for decades."
Wikipedia, Philip Johnson

Fernando Botero

Wikipedia - " Fernando Botero Angulo (born April 19, 1932 in Medellin, Antioquia) is a Colombian neo-figurative artist, self-titled 'the most Colombian of Colombian artists' early on, coming to prominence when he won the first prize at the Salon de Artistas Colombianos in 1959."
Wikipedia, My Hero, Fernando Botero

Saul Leiter

Foot on 8, 1954
"In both his fashion and more personal work Leiter has made an enormous contribution in the area of colour photography. His distinctively subdued colour and abstracted forms often have a paintedly quality that stand out among the work of his contemporaries."
Faggionato Fine Art

Laurie Anderson

Wikipedia - "Laurie Anderson (born ... on June 5, 1947, in Glen Ellyn, Illnois) is an American experimental performance artist and musician who plays violin and keyboards and sings in a variety of experimental music and art rock styles."
Wikipedia, Laurie Anderson, art:21, YouTube, (1), (2)

Jane and Louise Wilson

The Silence is Twice as Fast Backwards !, 2008
"Continuing to investigate the realms of subliminal experience, Jane and Louise Wilson will present thier sound installation 'The Silence is Twice as Fast Backwards'."
303 gallery

Hans Weigand

Garten der Luste (Garden of Eathly Delights), 2006
"A glance at the printed lying around in Hans Weigand's Vienna studio gives a first hint of the elements that make up his visual world."
Arndt & Partner

Saturday, June 21

Slavery by Another Name

Slavery by Another Name - "With no means to pay theae ostensible 'debts,' prisoners were sold as forced laborers to coal mines, lumber camps, brickyards, railroads, quarries and farm plantations."
Slavery by Another Name

Bob Wills

Texas Playboys - "Truly, it was the middle of nowhere, the unlikely little Texas town of Turkey that folk, country, cowboy, jazz and blues began to mix together in the mind of a young man who would lead the way in a sound we now call Western Swing."
Texas Playboys, Bob Wills, Wikipedia, Famous Texans, YouTube, (1), (2),

Friday, June 20

Kurt Jooss

Wikipedia - "Kurt Jooss (12 January 1901, Wasseralfingen, Germany - 22 May 1979, Heilbronn, West Germany) was a Germany modern dancer choreographer mixing classical ballet with theatre;..."

The Next City

"An interior stair in the Frosilo's building in Copenhagen, designed by the Rotterdam architecture group MVRDV."

Thursday, June 19

Eve Arnold

Marilyn Manroe
Wikipedia - "Eve Arnold (born April 21, 1912) is an American photojournalist and was the first female member of the Magnum Photos agency (in 1951, becoming a full member in 1957)."
Wikipedia, Magnum, Wired for Books

Eileen Myles

"Eileen Myles has written thousands of poems since she gave her first reading at CBGB's in 1974. Bust magazine calls her 'the rock star of modern poetry' and The New York Times says she's 'a cult figure to a generation of post-punk females forming their own literary avant garde.'"
Eileen Myles, Eileen Myles - (1), epc buffalo, Wikipedia

1968/2008: The Culture of Collage

"PAVEL ZOUBOK GALLERY is pleased to announce 1968/2008: The Culture of Collage, a group exhibition of collage and assemblage works from the year 1968 and from the present day."
Paver Zoubok, (1)

Tuesday, June 17

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Wikipedia - "Various prominent left-wing leaders are buried in the vicinity, where a monument was also erected honouring the French Brigadists (volunteers in the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War)."

Monday, June 16

Marianne Faithfull

Wikipedia - "Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull (born 29 December 1948) is an English singer, songwriter, actress and diarist whose career spans over four decades."
Wikipedia, Marianne Faithfull, YouTube, (1), (2), (3)

Sunday, June 15

Eastern Standard: Western Artists in China

"A rising superpower, China has captured the world's attention as well as that of an array of international artists and fimmakers."

Richard Misrach

Untitled 1132-04 [Flippers], 2004
"For more thirty years, the American photographer Richard Misrach (b. 1949) has made provocative work that addresses contemporary society's relationship to nature, especially the American West."
National Gallery of Art

Saturday, June 14

Plains Indian Ledger Art

Rosebud School Album
"This site is dedicated to presenting and preserving Plains Indian 'Ledger' art, drawings on paper, from the late 19th century for research and enjoyment."
Plains Indian Ledian Art

Friday, June 13

Fritz Kahn's Body Machines

The workings of the nervous system
"For thousands of years human beings have have used metaphors as ways of understanding the body. We talk about our 'ear drums', or our 'mind's eye'."
British Library - Learning Bodies of Knowledge

Central Park

Calvert Vaux, 1864
Jerry Shriver - "That was in 1856. Eventually, when all of the political wrangling, land grabbing, swamp dredging, bench building, tree planting and grass seeding was done, the result was 843-acre Central Park, the nation's first designed urban park."
NYC Architecture

Thursday, June 12

Giuseppe Vasi's Grand Tour

"Vasi's Grand Tour places the work of these two masters in their cultural context: 18th century Rome and the Age of the Grand Tour examining the cartographic and artistic legacy that they inherited."
The Getty Foundation - University of Oregon

Wednesday, June 11

W. S. Merwin

Wikipedia - "Merwin made a name for himself as an anti-war poet during the 1960's. Later, he would evolve toward mythological themes and develop a unique prosody characterized by indirect narration and the absence of punctuation. In the 80's and 90's, Merwin's interest in Buddhist philosophy and deep ecology also influenced his writing."
Wikipedia, Academy of American Poets, Modern American Poetry, Poet Seers

Ilkka Halso

"Since last ten years I have been working with subjects concerning science illustration and methods of Natural history reschears."
Museum of Nature

Tuesday, June 10

Ed van der Elsken

"Ed van der Elsken was born in Amsterdam in 1925. He lives and works in Paris from 1950 to 1954. ... During his many travels, he makes reports in colour for the monthly magazine Avenue."
Ed van der Elsken

Julian Schnabel

Wikipedia - "His application included slides of his work sandwiched between two pieces of bread, he was promptly accepted. Struggling in the art world, Schnabel worked a short-order cook and frequented Max's Kansas City, a restaurant-nightclub, while he worked on his art."
Wikipedia, Lenin Imports, YouTube, (1)

Monday, June 9

Alvin Alley

Wikipedia - "When Ailey began creating dance, he drew upon his 'blood memories' of Texas, the blues, spirituals and gospel as inspiration, which resulted in the creation of his most popular and critically acclaimed work 'revelations'."
Wikipedia, YouTube, (1)

The Luso-Hispanic New World

NYPL Digital Gallery - "The books whose images make up this disital presentation offer a rich sampling of the extraordinary variety pictorial holdings on Latin America from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries."
NYPL Digital Gallery

Sunday, June 8

Suzanna Treister

"Primarily a painter through the 1980s, Treister was a pioneer in the digital / new media / web beb based field from the beginning of the 1990s, developing fictional worlds and international collaborative organisations."
Suzanna Treister

Gang of Four

Wikipedia - "They play a stripped-down mix of punk rock, with strong elements of funk music, minimalism and dub reggae and an emphasis on the social and political ills in society."
Wikipedia, RollingStone

Saturday, June 7

Shirin Neshat

Wikipedia - "Shirin Neshat ... (born March 26, 1957 in Qazvin, Iran) is a contemporary visual artist who lives in New York. She is known primarily her work in film, video and photography."
Wikipedia, Gladstone Gallery, TIME, YouTube, (1), (2)

Harold Lloyd

Flapjax at Midnite - "The opening shots of 1920s New York City are wonderful, then you get a zany high-speed Harold Lloyd blazing down the avenues, and that's fun to watch, but the real killer is the horse-drawn trolley absolutely tearing-ass through lower Manhattan, full gallop. Ends badly."

Friday, June 6

Brad Durham

"The language of my work is about the dialogue between the sacred and the corporeal. It is about observation, remembering; about seeing into the worlds that lie beyond passive awareness - seeing forms as beautiful metaphors for what might be called a Goethean 'passage'."
Brad Durham

Joakim Eskitdsen

Vicok at the Road to Eger, Hevesaranyos
"The Roma Journeys - Between 2000 and 2006 I together with writer Cia Rinne undertook travels in seven different countries with a view to gaining an insight into the life of the Roma and the conditions they face."
Joakim Eskitdsen

Thursday, June 5

Frank Gehry

Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, Spain
Wikipedia - "The warped forms of Frank Gehry's structures are classified sometimes as being of the deconstructivist, or 'DeCon' school of postmodernist architecture, whether or not he consciously holds such inclinations."
Wikipedia, Henry Art Gallery

Mercedes Lawry

"Mercedes Lawry lives in Seattle. ... Her poems have appeared, among other places, in Alaska Quartely Review, Bloomsbury Review, Caliban, Indiana Review, Left Bank, New Virginia Review, Poet Lore, Poetry, Seattle Review, Southern Poetry Review, and Switched-On Gutenberg."
Mudlark Poster No. 6 (1997 and 2001), Drunken Boat, Arabesques Press, Acorn, Weber, Avatar Review, The 2River View, Crab Creek Review, Verse Daily, Square Lake, Stone Table Review

Morgan Brig

He Came To Appreciate Guidance In All It's Forms
"Inspired by the mysteries of life, Morgan Brig's copper and enamel works are both playful and contemplative. Her three dimensional wall sculptures are typically conceived in words by the writings in her journal."
Patricia Rovzar

Wednesday, June 4

Jiri Kolar

Wikipedia - "Jiri Kolar (September 24, 1914, Protivin - August 11, 2002, Prague) was a Czech poet, writer, painter and translator. His work was divided between literary and visual art."
Wikipedia, Jiri Kolar, Guardian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Black Panther: The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas

"Black Panthers: The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas traces the graphic art made by Emory Douglas while he worked as minister of culture for the Black Panther Party from 1967 until its discontinuation in the early 1980s."