Monday, July 7

Terminal Bar (2013)

"Terminal Bar, the Sundance Jury Prize winner for short form in 2003, tells the story of the the titular Manhattan bar, which was located in Times Square until 1982, and it’s myriad of tough, damaged, hard-drinking customers. Using his father Sheldon Nadelman’s black-and-white photographs from that time, taken while working as a bartender, Stefan Nadelman uses Flash Animation to paint a picture of a by-gone era of New York. The majority of the people portrayed in Terminal Bar, besides some actors or boxers, lived on the edge of society in one way or another, and there is a grimy desperation to the depictions. The film never feels over-long during it’s 23 minute run time, convincingly creating an atmosphere of how life of those who spent most of their times in bars like this must have felt like. It’s fascinating how the use of comments on various profile photos, underscored with moody sound design and intermingled with narration about the bar’s history, makes for a compelling and engaging short film."
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