Saturday, July 19

Il Sorpasso (1962)

Wikipedia - "Il Sorpasso ... is a 1962 Italian cult movie directed by Dino Risi. It is considered Risi's masterpiece and one of the most famous examples of Commedia all'italiana film genre. It's a hazy, dreamy, sun-baked and seemingly empty Rome on an August morning. A young, timid law student Roberto (Trintignant), looking out his window, is asked for trivial favor by a 40-ish man named Bruno (Gassman) who has passed under his window while at the wheel of a convertible Lancia Aurelia: Could he please make a phone call for him? The young man tells him to come up and make the call himself. After Bruno fails to contact his friends--after all, he's a full hour late for the meeting they--he insists in repaying Roberto's courtesy by offering him a drink. Being tired of studying for the day, and falling prey to Bruno's enthusiasm, the young man accepts."
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