Thursday, October 19

Lightbath’s Percussive Reverberations

Forgiveness | Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer | Chance, Plonk, Rainmaker, Rings, T-Wrex, Clouds
"In her interview as part of the Sound + Process podcast, Emily Sprague mentioned two musicians as inspirations for her, one of them being Lightbath, aka Bryan Noll. She was speaking in particular about Lightbath’s videos, in the context of videos with a certain aesthetic that she found comforting if rare — which is to say, not all 4/4, not techno, not noisey, not songy, not purely noodling; instead: soft, ambient, and ever so slightly melodic. She doesn’t specifically say those things; that’s an aesthetic triangulation on my part based on what Sprague’s music often sounds like, and what Lightbath and the other musician whose videos she mentioned, R Beny, are generally up to. ... Track originally posted at More from Lightbath/Noll at and"
disquiet (Video)

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