Thursday, October 12

Catalonia: Past and Future - Luke Stobart

In Saint Julia de Ramis, police move in on crowds attempting to participate in the October 1 Catalan referendum vote.
"The battle around the October 1 independence referendum — called by the Catalan parliament but banned by Spain’s highest court — has become one of the most dramatic European developments in years. As result of attacks on polling stations that were occupied by citizens to guarantee the vote would take place, around nine hundred people were injured by police — including many elderly people and a man likely to lose an eye after being shot using a banned rubber bullet. In Catalonia the violence led to mass participation in a general strike two days later that managed to shut down most public transport, farms, docks, smaller shops, and the public sector — albeit helped in the last case by the Catalan government subsidizing lost pay. This was a political strike of the kind not seen since the struggles against the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. ..."

2017 October: Catalonia Leaders Seek to Make Independence Referendum Binding

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