Wednesday, February 6

Jazz on Film… Film Noir (5 CD set)

"I love jazz, I love film soundtracks, and I love film noir. So when a new label Moochin’ About released a lavish five-CD set entitled Jazz on Film: Film Noir, it didn’t take too much arm-twisting to get me to have a listen. It also helped that this collection came heralded by some of the most universally favourable reviews and comments I’ve read in a long time. Not to mention awards. But despite all that, when I sat down to listen I was taken by surprise. And completely knocked out. Assembled by Jazzwise writer Selwyn Harris and CD compilation producer Jason Lee Lazell, this set is a treasure trove. The first score, on Disc 1 is A Streetcar Named Desire composed by Alex North. Perhaps most famous for writing the melody for Unchained (that’s right, the ‘Unchained Melody’) Alex North has some serious jazz connections. Streetcar is often spoken of as the first film score to make real use of jazz, while Yusef Lateef’s rapturous version of his ‘Love Theme from Spartacus’ is a classic, as is Paul Horn’s album of North’s music from Cleopatra. We could argue over whether A Streetcar Named Desire is a film noir —but Selwyn Harris makes a strong case for it in the booklet notes. ..."
London Jazz News
moochin about (Audio)
YouTube: MOOCHIN ABOUT Jazz on Film... Film Noir 7 videos

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