Sunday, August 5

What You Need To Know About Democratic Socialism

"In the month since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shocking primary victory in New York’s 14th Congressional District, the term 'democratic socialism' is everywhere. While Stephen Colbert declares that God’s a socialist on late-night television, Bret Stephens warns from the New York Times that democratic socialism is 'Dem doom.' In the same publication, Michelle Goldberg insists that the 'Millennial socialists are coming,' and that centrism won’t win, while on The View, Meghan McCain screams that she doesn’t want socialism to become 'normalized,' shouting Margaret Thatcher quotes at Joy Behar. Media spectacle aside, there are many questions floating around. What’s going on with these socialists in the Democratic Party? How is socialism different from capitalism? And just what do democratic socialists actually believe? ..."
In These Times
The Atlantic: The Progressives’ Plan to Win in 2018
New Yorker: How the Democratic Socialists of America Learned to Love Cynthia Nixon and Electoral Politics

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