Sunday, December 10

A Few Thoughts from Monet on Those Stacks of Wheat

Wheatstacks (End of Summer), (1890-91).
"Beginning in 1890, Claude Monet spent one year painting giant stacks of wheat. Here is his journal from that time. May 14, 1890. Saw giant stacks of wheat today. I think I am going to start painting those. June 8, 1890. Having a tough time painting these giant stacks of wheat. I guess I assumed I’d blow through them no problem because they’re just giant stacks of wheat and I’m a professional painter, but getting all the wheat to look good is tough. June 30, 1890. Painted a decent stack of wheat today. Going to call it, 'Wheatstack in the Sunlight, Morning Effect.' Something like that. Confession: I hated literally everything about painting that stack of wheat, especially how the light bounced off it. But here’s the thing: I have to paint the light right. People go apeshit about the light and how accurate the light is. They ask annoying questions like, 'Are the shadows accurate based on the light?' And I always think to myself, 'Who gives a fuck? It’s a painting of a red boat and it looks like a million bucks.' ..."
New Yorker

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