Tuesday, March 5

Beats of Zion - Rocky Dawuni (2019)

"... In a time when divisive rhetoric is on the rise and the political climate prefers to build walls over bridges, Rocky’s album Beats of Zion is a refreshing message about global unity and a worldview of oneness. Rocky passionately states, “We live in a time when the elements of international morality need to be proclaimed as a guiding principle for how we engage and deal with each other, between individuals, between communities and among nations. It is a time for global mobilization for action on challenging socio-political issues like the environment and the refugee crisis. Beats of Zion is the drumbeat of war against apathy and re-energizing the forces of love and hope.' He concludes, 'Beats of Zion is the rhythm of change beating from a distance and getting louder to awaken positive consciousness.' ..."
Rocky Dawuni
Rocky Dawumi drops new track – Beats of Zion
YouTube: Beats of Zion

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