Monday, March 19

Cannonball Adderley Quintet in Chicago (1959)

"When Cannonball & Coltrane was released in 1964 it had been out-of-print for some time in it's original incarnation as The Cannonball Adderley Quintet In Chicago. That LP was originally recorded and released in 1959 on Mercury Records, and while it's a mystery as to why Mercury would let the original go out of print, it's pretty obvious why they would choose to re-release it on Limelight (a Mercury subsidiary) in 1964 with both men listed as co-leaders. A bit of a cash grab, to be sure, but the sessions had also gained some historic merit since it was recorded, by the mid-1960s both Adderley and Coltrane had reached new levels of fame and critical adoration that was unthinkable at the time the original album was recorded. ..."
The Jazz Recorded - Dynamic Duo: Cannonball Adderley & John Coltrane - "Cannonball & Coltrane" (Audio)
W - Cannonball Adderley Quintet in Chicago
YouTube: Cannonball Adderley Quintet in Chicago

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