Monday, September 14

John Coltrane: Impressions of Coltrane

"The great Jazzman John Coltrane in nine rare, live television performances, shot in the late 1950's and the early 1960's. In dazzling extended solos, showcasing his trademark 'sheets of sound,' Coltrane demonstrates his mastery of tenor, alto, and soprano saxes and the unique artistry he brought to innovations in Jazz - and in music as a whole. This collection has both breadth and depth. Four of these performances are led by Miles Davis, who features Coltrane on the worldchanging 'So What,' as well as on Dave Brubeck's 'The Duke'; and Miles also works out his huge, orchestral ensemble under the direction of Gil Evans. The rest of the program is given over to the John Coltrane Quartet - joined for two numbers, including Coltrane's signature 'My Favorite Things,' by the great flautist and sax player Eric Dolphy. Here we find Coltrane utterly in his element, in the years in which he was changing jazz forever. Classic Coltrane collaborators pianist McCoy Tyner, drummer Elvin Jones, and bassist Jimmy Garrison are given their own chances to shine as well. Rare footage - and beautiful music from one of the greatest icons of Jazz. Immortal."
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vk: The John Coltrane Quartet (featuring Eric Dolphy) performing "Impressions" at Sudwestfunk TV Studio, Baden-Baden, West Germany on November 24, 1961.

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