Tuesday, March 17

Archie Shepp - Attica Blues (1972)

"Refining his large-ensemble experiments of 1971, Attica Blues is one of Archie Shepp's most significant post-'60s statements, recorded just several months after authorities ended the Attica prison uprising by massacring 43 inmates and hostages. Perhaps because Shepp's musical interests were changing, Attica Blues isn't the all-out blast of rage one might expect; instead, it's a richly arranged album of mournful, quietly agonized blues and Ellingtonian swing, mixed with a couple of storming funk burners. Of course, Shepp doesn't quite play it straight, bringing his avant-garde sensibilities to both vintage big band and contemporary funk, with little regard for the boundaries separating them all. ..."
W - Attica Blues (1972)
YouTube: Attica Blues, Attica Blues 8:44
vimeo: Archie Shepp's new Attica Blues Band Project
YouTube: Attica Blues 39:30