Wednesday, May 25

Stephen’s Green

"St Stephen’s Green, known informally as Stephen’s Green or simply the Green, is a public park located in the heart of Dublin. Historically, that stretch of land which would eventually become St Stephen’s Green began its life as a marshy plot. The website for Ireland’s Office of Public Works notes that the 'name St Stephen’s Green originates from a church called St Stephen’s in that area in the thirteenth century' and that the area originally was used by the citizens of the city of Dublin to graze their livestock. ... In The Joycean Way, Bidwell and Heffer explain that the 'central portion was planted and lots… were distributed among some of the city’s more prosperous citizens. [The citizens] were not required to build, and for some time much of the south and east side was retained in agriculture and grazing' as it had been prior to its creation (140). ..."
Mapping Dubliners Project

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