Monday, May 30

Tom Waits - Real Gone (2002)

"18th proper studio album from the gruff-voiced singer/songwriter serves marks a departure from 2002's Alice and Blood Money, with an emphasis on mouth-made percussion. Avant-garde guitarist Marc Ribot guests for the first time since 1999's Mule Variations, while other notable contributors include Primus' Les Claypool and Brain Manita, and Waits' son Casey. Tom Waits sings with his eyes closed, face squished tight, arms jerking, elbows popping, his entire body curled small and fetal around the microphone stand. Waits' mouth is barely open, but his ears are perked high, perfectly straight, craning skyward, stretching out: Tom Waits is channeling frequencies that the rest of us cannot hear. ..."
allmusic (Video)
W - Real Gone
YouTube: Make It Rain (Letterman 09.09.04)
YouTube: Real Gone (full album)

2012 July: Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, 2013 March: Burma Shave, 2013 May: "Ol' '55", 2013 July: The Heart of Saturday Night (1974), 2014 January: Blood Money, 2014 March: Telephone call from Istanbul (1987), 2014 November: Rain Dogs (1985), 2015 February: Mule Variations (1999), 2015 April: Swordfishtrombones (1983), 2015 July: Alice (2002), 2015 September: Tom Waits On The Tube Live UK TV 1985, 2015 December: Franks Wild Years (1987), 2016 January: "Bad as Me" (2011), 2016 April: 'It's perfect madness'.

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