Sunday, May 1

"The Rolling Stones: Charlie Is My Darling — Ireland 1965"

"For those who can’t get to the New York Film Festival tonight or next Thursday for the screening of Peter Whitehead’s documentary 'Charlie Is My Darling,' which shows the Rolling Stones onstage and off during their 1965 concert tour in Ireland, fear not—it’s coming to DVD next month. But don’t miss it then: Whitehead catches the band while its feet are still touching the ground and while its members are still facing both the homey pleasures and the mounting terrors of a relatively un-insulated life, while their joy in making music and in having a limber jaunt together is still fresh and their success is still a lightly gilded serendipity. ..."
New Yorker - “Charlie Is My Darling”: The Rolling Stones in 1965
W - Charlie Is My Darling
NY Times: Early Stones, Presented as Diamonds in the Rough
DailyMotion: Charlie Is My Darling - Ireland 1965

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