Saturday, September 20

Read "Ulysses Seen", A Graphic Novel Adaptation of James Joyce’s Classic

"You’ve started reading Ulysses, James Joyce’s modernist classic, and never quite made it the whole way through. Sound familiar? You’re in good company. So here’s another approach. Start reading Ulysses Seen, the graphic novel adaptation of Joyce’s tome. The artist behind Ulysses Seen is Rob Berry, and he’s devoted to using 'the visual aid of the graphic novel' to 'foster understanding of public domain literary masterworks.' He’s clear to point out that Ulysses Seen isn’t meant to replace Ulysses. Rather it’s meant to be a visual companion to the original work. It uses the comic narrative to 'cut through jungles of unfamiliar references' and to help readers 'appreciate the subtlety and artistry' of Joyce’s text."
Open Culture
“Comics Become the Purest Language for Recounting Memory”: We Celebrate Bloomsday with Ulysses “Seen” Creator Rob Berry - Part 1, Part 2

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