Friday, September 26

BAM: Retro Metro

The Warriors
"Stepping into a train car in New York City can do more than just get you to your destination, it can serve as a way for you to see how the identity of the city is transforming before your very eyes. We all know that NYC has been the inspiration for many great works of cinema and through these snapshots in time, we are able to see how the city has evolved. From street cars to graffiti canvases, the NYC subway has a long history, one that has been captured on film for many decades. From September 26th to October 5th, you can personally see how the NYC subway system has evolved by checking out the newest film series by BAM titled Retro Metro. 16 films, each showcasing a different era of the NYC subway will be shown."
Retro Metro: BAM is Hosting A Film Series About NYC Subway History
WNYC: BAM's 'Retro Metro': Subway History Through Film (Video)
"Retro Metro" and the Golden Age of NYC Graffiti
BAM: Retro Metro

2010 August: The Warriors

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