Tuesday, September 30

Wayne Thiebaud Acquavella Galleries

'Yo-Yos', 1963
"... Wayne Thiebaud is one of the most celebrated artists working today. Best known for painting everyday objects from gumball machines to bakeshop windows, Thiebaud uses tactile brushwork, saturated colors and luminous light for a range of subjects he describes as 'people, places and things.' Although associated with Pop art of the 1960s, Thiebaud depicts subjects that reflect a nostalgia and reverence for American culture that sets him apart from the stark commercialism of Warhol and his contemporaries. Thiebaud takes a formal approach to issues of color, light, composition and space, stating that his only intention when he paints is to 'get the painting to a point of resolution'.”
Acquavella Galleries
New American Paintings
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2012 November: Wayne Thiebaud

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