Sunday, May 8

Something Out There - Zeena Parkins (1987)

"Zeena Parkins is a New York-based (Detroit-born) harpist who has introduced the instrument in the context of improvised music. Her first major experience was in prog-rock outfits Skeleton Crew and News from Babel. She designed her own electric version of the harp (with help from Tom Cora), and continued to enhance it throughout her career. Something Out There (No Man's Land, 1987) collects solos, duos and trios with drummer Ikue Mori, cellist Tom Cora, turntablist Christian Marclay, percussionist Samm Bennett, etc. There are pieces that focus on creating rhythm by dissonant harp and drums, like the powerful Firebrat and Cornered, there are pointillistic vignettes like Without Words and Sidereal Messenger, and there are mere displays of atonal bravura like Left-Handed Walk and Appointment In Samarkind. Marclay dominates the collage art of Mother Tongue and Southern Exposure, which end up stealing the show. ..."
illustrated amateur: Southern Exposure
YouTube: Firebrat, Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori - Jezebel

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