Monday, October 27

Janene Higgins & Zeena Parkins (2000)

"Harpist Zeena Parkins, who has played in many contemporary groups such as Butch Morris's Conduction, the Skeleton Crew, John Zorn's Cobra, the quintet No Safety (which she co-founded), and The Gangster Band, and video artist Janene Higgins have been presenting their unique multimedia duo performances since the mid-1990's, beginning with a series they dubbed 'Eyewash'. On this videotape, they present an excerpt from their enthralling piece 'Arch' in which Parkins, improvises, elegantly and at times wildly, on an electric harp of her own design and on accordion, her sound palette ranging through ethereal to earthy timbres. Higgins simultaneously creates spellbinding video synthesis in real time, contrasting lyrical physical forms (bodies and architecture) with mysterious abstract colorizations and non-narrative movements projected on several screens."
UbuWeb (Video)

2011 January: Zeena Parkins, 2012 November: News from Babel, 2012 December: Fred Frith, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins / sound. at REDCAT, 2013 October: Art Bears Songbook - 2010-09-19 - Rock In Opposition Festival.