Sunday, May 29

John Sloan, "Roof, Summer Night," 1906

"... Roof, Summer Night and Night Windows from the New York City Life series reflect Sloan's close observations of apartment dwellers. A number of etchings in this exhibition will evoke a wry smile as Sloan's commentaries on modern life are often humorous and satirical. This exhibition also examines the technical aspects of John Sloan's etchings throughout his career. Etching is a technique in which a design is chemically eroded into the plate. The artist scratches lines into a layer of emulsion on a copper plate using a needle. The plate is bathed in acid, which bites into the plate where the lines have been drawn. The plate is inked and an impression is made. Sloan taught himself etching, a technique employed by artists since the sixteenth century, by studying one of several 'how-to' manuals available in the 1880s. ..."
John Sloan's Etchings: Imagination, Invention, and a Passion for "Needling In"