Tuesday, November 17

The Sounds of Memphis

"The Memphis Grizzlies will be honoring the old Memphis Sounds for their Hardwood Classic games this season by wearing the Sounds’ red-and-white jerseys. Given that the Sounds were around in the early 1970s and were of the ABA, the jerseys are pretty slick and sweet. Even better is the logo of the Memphis Sounds. Just gorgeous. Of course that name, the Sounds, is the most appropriate name ever given to a Memphis pro basketball team. The Tams and Pros of the ABA and the Grizzlies of the NBA don’t speak to the soul of that Tennessean city as well as the Sounds do. The Mighty Mississippi passes by and gives Memphis a steady rhythm. The pastoral hinterlands stand by providing a certain patience to Memphis as well. The confluence of these geographic entities gives Memphis a unique feel, a particular sound, that deserves a little more exploration. ..."
Pro Hoops History (Video)

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