Sunday, September 14

Pascal Comelade – September Song (2000)

"... Pascal Comelade is a french musician who’s sweetening my vicarious living lately, and for the improvement of yours, I’d like to share this about 20-minute album that serves perfectly as the soundtrack to your daily morning set-up. The First track (featuring Robert Wyatt), ‘September Song’ shall immediately grab your repeat-a-hundred-times balls unless Robert Wyatt’s mawkish, twangy vocals impose too much disturbance upon you; For my part Robert Wyatt’s singing and his music are, more often than not, depressing, however he’s in a quite cheerful shape in here, and it’s indeed dulcet when his voice duets with tender low-tone one of the other (well, guessing from the credits this could be also Wyatt himself)."
YouTube: September Song, L'Italiano

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