Thursday, September 25

"Baby, Please Don't Go"

Big Joe Williams
Wikipedia - "'Baby, Please Don't Go' is a classic blues song which has been called 'one of the most played, arranged, and rearranged pieces in blues history'. It was popularized by Delta blues musician Big Joe Williams, who recorded the first of several versions of the song in 1935. Its roots have been traced back to nineteenth-century American songs, which deal with themes of bondage and imprisonment. 'Baby, Please Don't Go' became an early blues standard with recordings by several blues musicians. After World War II, it was adapted by Chicago blues as well as rhythm and blues artists. ... Big Joe Williams recorded 'Baby, Please Don't Go' October 31, 1935 in Chicago during his first session for Lester Melrose and Bluebird Records. It is an ensemble piece with Williams on vocal and guitar accompanied by Dad Tracy on one-string fiddle and Chasey 'Kokomo' Collins on washboard, who are listed as 'Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers' on the single."
"Baby Please Don't Go (Origins of a Blues)" by Max Haymes
YouTube: "Baby Please Don't Go" - Big Joe Williams (1935), John Lee Hooker, Big Bill Broonzy, Fred Mcdowell, Muddy Waters, Mance Lipscomb (Live), Lightnin' Hopkins (Live), Rose Mitchell, Big Maybelle, Jo Ann Henderson, Bob Dylan, Them (Live)