Friday, September 5

Afropunk Before Afropunk

"Last week, for the first time in years, I missed the Afropunk festival. The musical movement began as an extension of a 2003 documentary of the same name, a wonderful film conceived and directed by James Spooner. The festival has grown considerably since the days it was held on a small street across from the Brooklyn Academy of Music. While Spooner himself has been long gone from the scene, Afropunk continues to grow under the watchful eye of music industry vets Matthew Morgan and Jocelyn Cooper. Although the two have gotten flack from some who think that most of the acts included lately aren’t punk enough, criticism hasn’t stopped the festival from becoming one of the most popular NYC summer events, attracting crowds from across the world."
Ebony (Video)
49 Photos: Hot Style, Slammin' Music At Afropunk Fest In Brooklyn (Video)
W - Afro-Punk: The Rock
Bright Lights
YouTube: Afro-Punk - Trailer
YouTube: Afro-Punk: The Rock [FULL-LENGTH] 1:06:52