Friday, June 3

Nothing Here Now But The Recordings - William Burroughs (1981)

"It is the voice you notice first of all. It has the quality of one speaking beyond the grave, a croak that is authoritative and ravaged in equal measure. It is the voice that creaks out from a dark alley and nests under the skin. ... Nothing Here Now But The Recordings was originally compiled by Genesis P-Orridge and 'Sleazy' Peter Christopherson of Throbbing Gristle in 1980 from Burroughs' personal archive, and is re-released by Dais Records. As a collection of Burroughs' tape experiments, the tracks vary considerably in fidelity and length. Some are bursts of language and noise, shaped by chance operation. ..."
The Quietus
Nothing Here Now But The Recordings: Listening to William Burroughs (Video)
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