Sunday, June 14

William S. Burroughs - The Electronic Revolution (1971)

Wikipedia - "The Electronic Revolution is an essay collection by William S. Burroughs that was first published in 1970 by Expanded Media Editions in West Germany. A second edition, published in 1971 in Cambridge, England, contained additional French translation by Henri Chopin. The book is available in its entirety in later editions of The Job, a book of interviews conducted by Daniel Odier that elaborate on the topics contained therein. The book is divided into two parts. Part one, entitled 'The Feedback from Watergate to the Garden of Eden' invokes Alfred Korzybski’s views characterising man as 'the time binding machine' due to his ability to write. ... Part two, 'Electronic Revolution' concerns the power of alphabetic non-pictorial languages to control people. ..."
[PDF] The Electronic Revolution - Swiss Institute
[PDF] Feedback: Media Parasites and the Circuits of Communication (Dada and Burroughs) - Arndt Niebisch
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