Monday, January 4

Commissioner of Sewers: A 1991 Profile of Beat Writer William S. Burroughs

"You almost certainly know the name of William S. Burroughs, and more than likely you know him as the author of the novel Naked Lunch. If the idea of plunging straight into his writing intimidates you, given how drug-saturated, psychologically unconventional, and formally 'cut-up' that writing can get, where should you go to get some background on this unstoppably influential member of the Beat Generation? After all, knowledge of Burroughs’ work seems creatively beneficial: so many different kinds of artists found inspiration in his chaotic, fragmented work and even more chaotic, fragmented life that he wound up making collaborative appearances in nearly every medium known in his lifetime: film, music, television, performance art, rock videos. ..."
Open Culture (Video)
YouTube: Commisioner of Sewers 1991 (full documentary) 52:03

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