Thursday, November 19

The Attic Tapes - John Renbourn (2015)

"The Attic Tapes is a 20-song archival hodgepodge cobbled together from early recordings of the late British guitarist John Renbourn, who died in March. Renbourn sourced the core of the tracklist from a tape labeled '1962' that he discovered in the attic of fellow folk revivalist Mac MacLeod, pairing those few songs with various onstage collaborations from his salad days, before he and his guitar-sparring partner Bert Jansch and their band, Pentangle, helped redefine the scope of modern folk. Renbourn had yet to sign a record deal, so these takes are rough with their age and his youth. ..."
World Music Network
YouTube: Anji, Rosslyn, Candyman, I Know My Babe, The Wildest Pig in Captivity, Judy

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