Tuesday, October 7

The Hermit - John Renbourn (1976)

"John Renbourn's first post-Pentangle (or nearly post-Pentangle) solo album, joined briefly by fellow guitarist Dominique Trepeau and featuring further contributions by John James, is one of his most beautiful recordings, and also among his most spare guitar instrumentals. ... The mood of much -- though not all -- of Hermit is one of serious introspection, as Renbourn stays generally within a classical guitar mode. He has fun with the material, and the CD booklet also includes musical transcriptions of some of the tunes on the record, for the benefit of Renbourn's fellow guitarists."
YouTube: The hermit, Three Pieces By O'Carolan, Faro's Rag, Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home, Goat Island, Bicycle Tune

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