Wednesday, November 25

Paul Bowles: The Rolling Stone Interview (May 23, 1974)

"On the fourth floor of a small gray apartment house at the sunny outskirts of Tangier, Morocco, lives an American who may well rank as the premier expatriate of his generation; a rare blend of talents—composer, novelist, short-story writer—who has spent the last 40 years of his life on the move, through Europe, South and Central America, Africa and the Far East, and who settled at last in the odd and exotic blend of cultures that is Tangier. 'The Greeks used to call Greece the navel of the world,' says Paul Bowles. 'I always thought it was Tangier.' It seems a fair call: The compact white city perches at the very tip of northern Africa, almost precisely between continents, a mix of influences European, African and Arabic. ..."
Rolling Stone
UbuWeb: An American in Tangier (1993) Dir. Mohamed Ulad-Mohand. Runtime: 27 min.

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