Thursday, January 29

Things Gone & Things Still Here

"The pieces in this little volume have all been republished in subsequent collections of [Paul] Bowles's stories, but I still prefer to read them as they first appeared, in an edition published by Black Sparrow Press in 1977. Four of the stories -- 'Allal,' 'Mejdoub,' 'The Fqih,' and 'The Waters of Izli,' form a natural group, both in style and setting. "Istikahara, Anaya, Medagan and the Medaganat" and the title story, though also set in North Africa, stand somewhat apart as they take the form of historical anecdotes rather than fiction. All take place in a Moslem Maghreb in which European influence is felt only distantly, if at all. Women are hardly present, and when they are they're generally up to no good. ..."
Dreamers Rise
Black Sparrow Press

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