Tuesday, January 20

Radio Clash

"Chapter 1: I Wanna Riot. On 31 August 1976 band members Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon, then living in squats nearby, joined the rioting in Notting Hill, West London, when hundreds of black youths fought with police after a long summer of simmering tensions fuelled by overtly racist policing. The events of that day inspired the group to write the song White Riot, which helped to define the group’s radical and provocative political agenda, and in March 1977 became their debut single. ..."
The Clash - Radio Clash (Video)
Spotify - The Clash
Whites Riot: That’s Not What Joe Strummer Had in Mind (Video)
YouTube: White Riot - Future is unwritten, The Clash ~ One More Time / One More Dub, The Clash New Year's Day '77

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