Thursday, November 12

Times Insider: Reporting Europe's Refugee Crisis

"Stories of Hope, Courage and Loss As Historic Journey Unfolds By Richard W. Stevenson. Sometimes it is clear in an instant that the world has changed: a jetliner slices into an office tower; a leader is felled. But more often, history unfolds incrementally. For months, we have watched it do so in literally millions of steps, as hundreds of thousands of people trudge from some of the world’s most conflict-ridden and poorest regions toward Europe and what they hope will be more secure and prosperous lives. It is a development remarkable in its scale, and in what it says about the limits of borders in a globalized, interconnected world. And it is producing countless stories of courage, loss, heroism and avarice that are forcing societies to confront issues of race, religion, security and national identity. ..."
NY Times
This map shows the routes of Europe's refugee nightmare — and how it's getting worse

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