Wednesday, November 18

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Complete Albums 1965-1980

"Many a musical artist has made their bones by singing the blues, but it's not just about singing them, it's about playing them, too. In the 1960s, many a young Caucasian found success by sitting at the knees of his favorite African-American blues artists, and the best of the bunch were never afraid to give credit where credit was due. Take Paul Butterfield, for instance, who - along with his buddy Nick Gravenites - spent a good deal of time making the rounds of Chicago blues clubs, meeting and sometimes even jamming with such greats as Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, Otis Rush, and Muddy Waters, all of whom encouraged Mr. Butterfield and his colleague. ..."

2014 January: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (1965), 2015 July: East-West (1966)