Friday, November 27

Nicolas Jaar - Soundtrack, The Color of Pomegranates (2015)

"Other hobbyists gravitate to woodworking, marijuana cultivation, gemology, and urban gardening, but Nicolas Jaar’s pastimes tend to be more fruitful. Hence, when he got bored in 2013, he and Dave Harrington re-worked the entire Daft Punk album for the funk of it. His most recent contribution to the numinous is an unofficial soundtrack to the 1969 Soviet masterpiece commonly known as The Color of Pomegranates. ... The film’s director was the brilliant and frequently banned Sergei Parajanov, who drew heavy censorship from Soviet authorities for his all-out subversion. He was somewhere between Andrei Tarkovsky and Oscar Wilde, abandoning social realism for stunning visuals, persecuted for his homosexuality, sentenced to time in labor camps, and beloved by fellow artists from John Updike to Godard and Fellini. ..."
Passion Of The Weiss (Video)
Nicolas Jaar releases new album Pomegranates — listen (Video)
vimeo: Near Death
YouTube: Tracklist
YouTube: Նռան գույնը (1969) - OST by Nicolas Jaar 1:17:04

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