Monday, November 23

Bronx Cheer

"'The Bronx is on Fire,' a journal of the New York real-estate industry recently trumpeted, 'Because the Real Estate Market Is Heating Up.' The headline deliberately echoed a famous line attributed to sportscaster Howard Cosell: 'The Bronx is burning,' he is remembered saying—though he did not actually use those words—during a 1977 World Series game, as flames shot up in the beleaguered neighborhood beyond Yankee Stadium’s outfield wall. ... Once a synonym for urban collapse, the New Bronx was now a hot property. Some of the hottest new properties include purchases by Silvercup Studios—the Queens-based facility where The Sopranos and 30 Rock were filmed—of South Bronx land on which it will erect an additional 120,000-square-foot studio for other productions, and by the food-delivery company Fresh Direct, which announced it would build a 500,000-square-foot warehouse also in the South Bronx. ..."
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