Saturday, July 15

From Sonny Blount to Sun Ra: The Chicago Years

"Our thanks to Dikko Faust for careful listening to the Dukes of Swing sides from 1948. We have added some details on Paul Severson, whose bands shared the soundtrack of The Cry of Jazz with the Arkestra. We are continuing to add entries from the 14-CD boxed set produced by Michael Anderson, Sun Ra: The Eternal Myth Revealed Vol. 1 (Transparency 0316); all previously unreleased Sun Ra material has now been added through the end of 1953. We are also adding vocal material from the three Norton CDs, which were compiled by Michael Anderson and issued in 2009. And we have begun adding in documentation that is preserved in the Alton Abraham Collection of Sun Ra 1822-2008, now housed in the Special Collections at the University of Chicago Library. All of this has led to many changes in our listings, especially for 1956, 1958, and 1960; session numbers will be out of order for a while yet. Sun Ra's musical career is hard to generalize about. He led bands for nearly 60 years. ..."
From Sonny Blount to Sun Ra: The Chicago Years - Robert L. Campbell, Christopher Trent, and Robert Pruter

2014 January: The Eternal Myth Revealed Vol. 1 (2011)