Tuesday, July 11

A Long March for Justice in Turkey

The 280-mile march for democracy and justice, near Izmit, Turkey, this month.
"GEBZE, TURKEY — On June 15, I began walking from Ankara to Istanbul on a 280-mile march for democracy, justice and freedom from fear and authoritarian rule in Turkey. I am the leader of the Republican People’s Party, or C.H.P., the main opposition party in the Turkish Parliament. I set out with thousands of supporters from Ankara. As we walked through punishingly hot afternoons and plodded on through rain for the past three weeks, tens of thousands of Turkish citizens of varying political persuasions representing the diversity of our country joined us. We did not carry the signs of our political party but a simple placard that read: Justice. ..."
NY Times
NY Times: In Istanbul, ‘March for Justice’ Aims to Deliver Message to Erdogan

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