Sunday, April 2

Agnès Varda’s Art of Being There

"... But, for a short while this spring, such viewing is back in public at the Blum & Poe art gallery, in New York, with a whimsical yet impassioned exhibit of work by the filmmaker Agnès Varda. Varda, of course, is one of the crucial modern directors; she made her first film, 'La Pointe Courte,' in 1954, as a twenty-five-year-old independent filmmaker, and her most recently released film is 'The Beaches of Agnès,' from 2008. (She has a new film forthcoming, 'Visages, Visages,' which she co-directed with the photographer JR.) The gallery exhibit is the work of a filmmaker who has been, so to speak, between films—but Varda’s career has always been enlivened by an essential and constant sense of between-ness, an occasionalism in the best sense of the term. ..."
New Yorker
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Agnès Varda: Life as Art (Video)

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