Friday, February 17

Agnès Varda - Plaisir d’amour en Iran (1976)

"How to talk about love while staring at the mosque or talk about architecture when in bed. This short is a sort of a variation on the relationship between Pomme and Ali Darius from Agnès Varda’s One Sings The Other Doesn’t. Made at a time when Iran had a seemingly revolving door for incoming European directors and bottomless funding for their projects, Plaisir d’amour en Iran is a short, sort of love story between a handsome Iranian (Ali Raffi) and a visiting French woman (Valérie Mairesse). The film was shot at the Shah Masjed in romantic Esfehan."
Portrait of a Vagabond: An Appreciation of Agnès Varda
The Left Bank Revisited: Marker, Resnais, Varda
UbuWeb: 35mm, Starring: Valérie Mairesse, Ali Raffi   6 min

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