Monday, June 6

New Video of James Schuyler’s Legendary Debut Reading in 1988

"A rare video of James Schuyler reading his poems has just surfaced on YouTube, thanks to Raymond Foye, executor of Schuyler’s estate, who posted the video several days ago. Since there is virtually no extant video footage of Schuyler that I know of, this would be a big deal no matter what, but the fact that it is a recording of this particular event — a now-legendary reading Schuyler gave at the Dia Art Foundation in New York in 1988 — makes it even more special and exciting.* This reading is particularly famous because it was on November 15, 1988 that Schuyler, at 65, finally gave his first poetry reading. Reclusive, plagued by intermittent bouts of severe mental illness, painfully shy, Schuyler had never before read his work in public, even though he’d been publishing since the 1950s. ..."
Locus Solus: The New York School of Poets (Video)
YouTube: James Schuyler Reading at DIA 1988 49:19

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