Friday, June 24

Meet Four Women Who Pioneered Electronic Music: Daphne Oram, Laurie Spiegel, Éliane Radigue & Pauline Oliveros

Daphne Oram
"... And that impression would be entirely off the mark, even if it has been reinforced again and again in retrospectives, documentaries, and popular histories. But perspectives are shifting, and we’ve tried to highlight some of the alternate histories of electronic music that document female artists’ indispensable contributions to the field. Recent documentaries about influential BBC Radio composer and musician Delia Derbyshire, for example, have reintroduced her work to a new generation. A wider appreciation came in the form of KPFA’s 'Crack O’ Dawn' program broadcasting seven hours of music by over two dozen important women composers and musicians from 1938-2014. ..."
Open Culture (Video)
Guardian - Mothers of invention: the women who pioneered electronic music

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