Sunday, April 17

Architecture of Language 1979-1982 - Pere Ubu

"Like many bands during the 70s, Pere Ubu arrived out of a novel palette of influences, non-musical as much as musical. As a group they sound just as interested in scatty, disordered sounding improvisation in jazz as much as were the bizarre ideas behind the creation of certain modernist literature. Points of reference include Miles Davis; playwright Alfred Jarry (their name is a direct reference to central character of the same name); "typical high-school stuff", as their singer David Thomas puts it, like Terry Riley's In C. ... This is most clear on this quartet of albums, released on the 4 LP boxset Architecture of Language 1979-1982, which can be easily blocked off as one segment of Pere Ubu's lifespan. ..."
The Quietus
Pere Ubu released ‘Architecture Of Language 1979-1982′ box set (Video)
Graded on a Curve: Pere Ubu, Architecture of Language 1979-1982
Louder Than War (Video)
juno: Architecture Of Language 1979-1982 (Video)

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