Sunday, January 3

Pere Ubu - Live at the Longhorn: April 1, 1978

"I saw Ubu 4-5 times, but the show that made the biggest impression on me was on the tour the undertook for their 1st album, The Modern Dance. I saw them about 5 weeks before this show and they were crazy and splendid. Finally, you (and I) can hear what I heard then. Not a perfect recording by any means, but pretty good and certainly good enough. Conditionally recommended! Pere Ubu's Live at the Longhorn is as much an indispensable live rock album as Modern Dance is an indispensable studio album. The show consists mainly of material from Modern Dance, only rocked out and swinging, more raw-nerved yet seasoned than their studio counterparts. What becomes apparent, especially on repeated listening is how well-made this music is, how the drama and comedy flows within the modules of each song, how the songs fit together to give an audience an experience that - while sharpened to paranoia and sensitive to harsh realities - is as ineffable as it is concrete."
Wayside Music
YouTube: Humor Me (Live, 1978), "Heart of Darkness" live (12.6.78), Street Waves (Theatre 140, Brussels 1978-05-05)

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